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What is the difference between greatness as opposed to success?
The difference between greatness and success is often how one views failure.  Failure is a far better teacher than success.  Greatness does nor cower from failure.  One that is driven toward success can miss the beauty found through the challenges learned in the wrestling match of life that confronts the contender.  

Success driven people can fail backwards when caught up with their wins and losses as their barometer for triumph.  Success minded individuals are driven with a single minded focus on the win.  The end of of this thinking can ultimately lead to a fear of failure. The successful combatant can miss out on greatness discovered by boldly taking on the bigger challenges.  

Greatness is achieved when one fails forward learning from the opposition they faced.  Embracing the challenges and obstacles they encounter. Living with no fear of the outcome, but courageously engaging in the journey.  

The BIG question is how one views failure…

AND are you Failing Backwards or Failing Forwards?

To fail backwards is to resign to challenge yourself in areas in which you can only succeed. To blame others when things don’t work out as anticipated. To repeat the same mistakes. To expect to never to fail again. To presume to fail when taking on the bigger task. To accept norms blindly. To be win/loss minded and ultimately fear driven. 

To fail forward is to persevere. To take responsibility. To learn from your mistakes. To know failure is the journey toward progress. To produce life giving attitude. To challenge outdated assumptions. To risk boldly. To fully embrace the journey. 

Between greatness and success I choose to fail forward until my last breath.

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