The generation growing up today is being hijacked.

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What are we going to do about it?


Sound the
alarm! I am making an urgent call to our wrestling family to once again enter
the ring and
embrace the challenge we are facing today. Our youth
are being misled into the belief that everyone deserves a trophy. Our culture
instills the myth, you are
entitled to success

multi-million dollar ad campaign begins with these questions:

“Who are
you not to be great?

Who are
you to be ordinary?

Who are
you to deny greatness?  




How do they propose our youth find

It’s true,
our kids are being encouraged to find their success and their greatness through
their online identity rather than focus on who they are and what they are
really made of.

Greatness does not come easy. We do not live in a virtual world.  We live in the real world.

This is what we are up against.  We must
confront multi million dollar ads
misleading our youth today.  We need to
have our message of the values to wrestling can teach in the public

There has
never been a time in history when wrestling has been more important than this
time and this place.  Our
culture and our community need wrestling now more than ever.  

 Listen:  #EveryoneWrestles 

If you are
on this side of eternity you are a wrestler. Life is a
wrestling match. Our sport
imparts the skills necessary to face the challenges life presents.  We live in a demanding world. Wrestling
embodies a rich history of developing great leaders that are able to face
extraordinary opposition.

are NOT born but made through hard
work, blood, sweat and tears.

growing through hardship, traits such as decisiveness, courage, endurance,
resilience, fairness, and good judgment among many others develop.  

Character is not developed overnight. Does not
come in a box. It is not
available for instant download. And there
is no buy now option. Wrestling
is a tough hard nose sport. But it
teaches NOT just how to GO through but how to
GROW through life’s


Ancient wisdom says, No discipline seems pleasant at the time–it’s
painful! But afterward there is a great return for those who are trained in this way.


Life is
hard. Wrestling prepares you for the challenge.

We must
take our sport public. We must
invade the culture with values that wrestling teaches.  Our
culture and our community need wrestling now more than ever.  Now is
the time!


Increase Participation,

Grow the Audience

Make wrestling a revenue sport.

The US Wrestling Foundation is committed
to achieving these goals.  
This foundation supports USA
Wrestling, The Wrestling Hall of Fame, National Wrestling Coaches Association,
and programs that bring wrestling into communities where the need is great.  USWF is on mission.

 Together, we can help raise America’s
greatest generation.

 Our Creed through the sport of wrestling…

To raise America’s greatest generation. 

Disciplined.  Courageous.  Hard working.

Rising to any challenge…Persevering in every circumstance

Fighting to the last whistle…Resilient in defeat

Humble in victory…Refined in the fire

Our next great leaders…Our titans of industry

Our mighty warriors…Our teachers

Our sons and daughters…Champions in life

This is what we have been trained by wrestling to do.  


wisdom says, 
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the
proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Our fight is before us, but it is the right
fight.  It is the good fight.  And we are in this fight together.

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