Life by chance or choice?

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In a
wrestling match, many things are out of my control. When we are stressed and
faced with an adversary that is bigger, stronger, and faster, moving from
spectator to fighter requires asking two questions

Who is in

What do I

If we respond
to those two questions correctly we will have the right perspective and the
adversary has no control over us!

#1: Who is in control?

answers to someone or something in this world. Who is in control of your

Are you,
your circumstances, and your world or is God in control?

Every one of us is
moving toward an ultimate destiny.  

Will you arrive at your
purpose by chance or by choice?

“Can man live
without God?

Of course he can, in a
physical sense.

Can he live without God
in a reasonable way?

The answer to that is
No!” —Ravi Zacharias

#2: What can I control?

Making a choice to live
life with intention is what you can control.

God says, “I put before
you life and death.  You choose!”

Have you had an honest
conversation with God?

What do I have control
of in my life is the ability to choose…

Choose to
pursue a relationship with God.

Choose to
pursue healthy relationships with others.

Choose to
pursue a healthy relationship with myself.

to live on purpose is to learn to live an open, honest, real, and accountable
life with no secrets.  

Battle Ground Way:

Choose to
allow God to be in control.

Choose to
be accountable to your decision

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