Training with the Best

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“Be the best. Find out what successful people are doing and do what they are doing.” ~Dan Russell


Life is a fight.  Life is a wrestling match. There is an opponent wanting to control and dominate you. 

How do you become tougher than Hell?  Who do you know that has gone through Hell and risen victorious?  

In wrestling, I needed a coach.  I needed a coach that could teach me the rules of the sport.  I needed a coach that could see my potential and challenge me to be all that I could be.  I needed a coach that would push me beyond my comfort.  It makes sense to me that if I needed a coach for the sport of wrestling, I, too, needed a coach for the wrestling match in life. 

All of Hell can come at you. Life is tough. In this world, you will struggle.  There have been days I felt exhausted like I was on my back bridging.  Challenge is inevitable, but defeat is optional.  Jesus says, “Take heart, I have overcome!”  
To be a champion in life is going to require the right coach.  A coach that has navigated the most challenging of life’s circumstances and risen above. Jesus Christ conquered Hell and He said, “The Gates of Hell would not prevail.”  If you want to be tougher than Hell then you need to follow the One who stormed into Hell and came out victorious.  He will show the way through.

Men tougher than Hell are devoted and committed to being shaped into the image of Christ. Knowing God’s primary purpose is not to make you happy, but to make you whole, healed, and healthy! Jesus leads us to the cross and beyond the cross to a life lived to it’s full potential. He will not take you where He has not already been. His Words are true.  He will lead you through! Trust the Coach!

Look at our Ultimate Coach, Jesus. What does He have to say?How is He coaching you to live?Your purpose is not found by chance but by choice.You choose who will influence your life.

Believe His instruction and run with confidence.For He is for you not against you and He wants you to be a champion in life!


Who is your training partner?

Who is your coach?

Who is your competition?

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